We can and would love to do everything, but we understand that our clients have different needs and that these needs may vary over time. So we tailor our service offering to suit your particular needs to include some or all of the following:

Idea innovation and exploration

  • We can help you generate and shape your product concepts and ensure that you zero in on a truly compelling proposition

Market Intelligence

  • Understanding the potential market, size, shape and competitive context is critical

Commercial Analysis

  • Gaining a clear understanding of the underlying cost and value drivers is essential

User Experience, Functional and Technical Design

  • The ultimate customer experience requires close and constant collaboration between these key elements. Balancing the art of the possible with that which is necessary

Application Build and Testing

  • Building robust innovative and performant solutions is at the heart of what we do

Integration Design and Testing

  • We are highly experienced in integration with enterprise middle and back office systems, offering a truly end to end solution capability

Marketing and Sales

  • Designing and executing sophisticated multi media product sales and marketing campaigns is essential

Project Management

  • Our project managers understand the customer and commercial proposition and champion these through the whole process

Where do we do it?

  • We are a UK company based in London and Bath. All client facing activity is on-shore in the UK. We have an off shore software engineering and testing capability

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